Railway Team (1975-1988)

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Vetran's Team , Nehru Stadium.



Madurai ,22nd March 1977


5th Left side

3rd from Left side

3rd from Right S. Railway Team , Coimbatore

Palyers with Botanical Tribals ,Ooty

S.Railways Vs  E. Railways (Semi finals )
      21st March 1977                                          

Railway Team ,Hotel Nataraj. Ooty

Hotel Nataraj ,Ooty 1977

S.R.A.A winners 3-0  against Tirvandram XI (with cap)

S.Railway Vs E.Railways

Southern Railway Team , Ooty (centre)

Tamil Nadu XI Team representing Vital Trophy 1976
Trichy,5th from Right ,22nd April 1975

S.R (3)vs SABI(0), 9th july 1978. Erode (4th from Right)

Southern railway Team (sittting 2R) , Coimbatore

Inter-Railway Champion S. Railway Team, Danpad 1976


Guest of Honor, SCAD College.Tirunelveli. 2009

Guest Of Honour, Don Bosco. Tirupattur. 2008

Bharatha Iyka Sangam. 1981

TFA  Runner up 1973 -1974


TFA 1977-1978  MADRAS LEAGUE  Runner Up

INTER Railways 1978  Runner up

Madras Football Association Division League  
Runner up 1979- 1980

Drawn & Presented  by Foot Ball Fan. In Thailand.

Tamil Nadu Football Association, 1970

Madurai District Football Association, 1972

Tamil Nadu Foot Ball Association. 1976
Tamil Nadu District Foot Ball Association. 1970

Tamil Nadu Foot Ball Association. 1972

Madurai District Sports Council, 1971